Bring in your used button down shirt and we'll clean it, press it and get it to someone who can use it while they turn their life around.

... and you'll get $25 towards your new button down shirt.

It's that simple.

Success is in your head, as well as on your back.

We believe that a man’s dignity and self esteem are integral to success in today’s world. A nice, new clean shirt can make all the difference in the life of any man on his way up.

In keeping with our long standing tradition of supporting the local community and the belief of the power of the hand up, we at Mitchell McCabe have created the Give a Shirt Initiative.

We know there are thousands of shirts hanging in wardrobes that have little chance of being worn again and are aware of the difference these shirts can make to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Mitchell McCabe suggests it's time to rejuvenate your closet as well as giving another man a hand up in life.

Simply bring in an older, button through shirt to any Mitchell McCabe store and get a $25 credit towards a new button through shirt.

We’ll make sure your older shirt gets cleaned, pressed and put on the back of someone that needs it.

Everyone benefits
when you give a shirt

The Give A Shirt© Initiative is a true win, win, win scenario.

Out with the old, in with the new.

This is the opportunity to clean out your wardrobe and make space for new and better things.

Give a mate a hand up.

Get your “no longer used shirt” into the hands of someone who needs it and will put it to good use.

Be rewarded in a real way.

Receive $25 off every new shirt when you trade in an old one.


1. Bring in any used button through shirt to any Mitchell McCabe retail location

2. Select a new shirt and get $25 dollars off – in exchange for your used shirt.

3. We clean and press your used shirt and donate it to a man less fortunate.


Small print:
* One $25 credit for every new shirt purchased - by all means, bring in more shirts.
** Only Long or short sleeved button through shirts included in this initiative.



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